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25 x C15 Chrome white typeII


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Product Information

Cheap, 25 x C15 chrome tape in type 2 chrome high bias shells. 7+ mins per side

Older stock of white shells with tabs in. Chrome high bias type 2 shell with correct chrome notches. To keep the price down here we are using older chrome shells and some have slight colour fade or discolour in the white, gone a little dull...but not all of them and it does not alter any other qualities.

The tape is Aurex Chrome from a larger batch which we stopped selling as some of the tape had evidence of shedding. Old chrome tape stock from with unknown history. However after carefully sifting through the reels we have what appears to be good chrome stock but we are still selling this at a greatly reduced price as we cannot guarantee it 100%. We have been loading small batches and selling them here in older shells to test the feedback and rebuild some confidence in the stock. If we spot anything at this end that is not right we scrap it. So far so good, once we know it's all good and use new shells the price will be quite a lot higher (perhaps not as high as it should be though)

Product Code: 25white15chrome

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