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Eleven Minutes NON STOP


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Product Information

Brand new never previously available

11 minute endless loop cassette tape. Continuous, endless, non stop recording and playback.

Remember to use these on one side only. For both recording and playback.

The shell has a warning stated on the side not to use!!

Smokey clear shells and comes with library case. Made 2017 these are new stock not old new stock

Also these are exactly 11 minutes. So if your recorder is very slightly running a tiny bit fast or slow then you may get a little more or less time on the tape before it starts again but that's all part of cassette recording fun! You may need to play around a little with some programs to get the loop joint lined up spot on.

See other listings in the 'endless loop cassette' catergory for other lengths from 15 seconds to 12 minutes, we have good stocks

Product Code: 11endless

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