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Roll of Splicing tape OLD STOCK


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Product Information

Good alternative to new full reels of splicing tape which are twice the price.

These old stock reels are unused but have been stored without the outer box and have attracted some dust. Our automatic loading and tape splicing machines could run into slight problems if its not a 100% splice and we wouldn't want any wasted cassette tapes, besides that we sell our bespoke wound cassettes as new tapes so we'd prefer to avoid using these splice reels. However if you are manually spling one cassette tape joint at a time or repairing a damaged part of a tape then this could be ideal as well as make a saving at half price.If you are manually cutting and splicing the tape yourself you will obviously be able to see and bits of dust and remove them or discard that piece and you wouldn't complete the operation if part of the splice had not affixed firmly. You'd also have the advantage of any unstuck areas being able to apply extra pressure to make the job work whereas our auto splice might fail and reject the whole wouldn't do that manually, if it failed you would remove it and try again without losing the cassette tape.

We have tested some of it and as soon as you unravel a few inches it looks fine and has still retained it's stickyness.

Enough for 1000 or more splices. New cutter blade included. These are also slightly smaller reels than our full price new stock

Product Code: oldsspice

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